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EPDas a global service

We provide EPD services completely remotely. We offer EPD certification using international standards EN 15804+A2:2019, EN ISO 14025. We also offer third party verification and publishing in EPD International (Environdec) and EPD Hub databases.

Environment Product Declaration (EPD) is the result of an unifying methodology for evaluating and publishing environmental impacts associated with the production of a product. It covers all phases of the product's life cycle, from raw material extraction to disposal.

Our favourite EPD benefits

Satisfy your customers

Your customers will clearly understand the environmental impacts of your product. According to Saint-Gobain customer research, 76% of construction clients want suppliers to be transparent about environmental impacts of their product.

Get ahead of the competition

Your EPD certified material will be specified and procured for large projects. It will be selected over non-certified competition. Your product will be used in buildings with BREEAM / LEED / DGNB certification ambitions. These systems require products with EPD certificates.

Decrease your environmental impact

Understand, declare and work towards eliminating your carbon footprint. Every product will need an EPD / carbon footprint declaration in the foreseeable future due to legislation. Be a leader, not a follower.

Process of EPD publishing


Gather data

Determining the appropriate product category rules (PCR) and preparing a detailed production scheme.


Perform LCA

Life Cycle Assessment analyses the gathered data and provides information for the EPD certificate. Calculate environmental impact of your product over its entire life-cycle, from material extraction to the end of its life.


Verify and publish

Certificates are verified by an independent third party before being published in a database. Get yout EPDs third party verified and published in EPD International (Environdec) or EPD Hub databases.